Build your financial independence

Why UniRide?

    Driving for UniRide will help you achieve your financial goals because:

  • You will be paying $99 per week for unlimited rides with no hidden fees added. If you don’t work, you don’t pay.
  • You will be your own boss; choose your work schedule, days off and how much income you bring in.

Make Money, When You Need It

UniRide gives drivers the best opportunity to meet financial needs when limited salaries are not enough to pay for every-day expenses. Our proven income model will bring our drivers financial stability and beyond.

How it works?

A $49.79 Non-Refundable Security-Background Fee will be collected at front, to allow your registration process, in compliance with the TNC standard regulations. When you’re ready to drive, just click on the UniRide app, login, and start receiving ride requests. The app will provide you with a full detail about the requested ride, so that you can provide the best experience for our riders. When the service is done, close the ride on the app and rate the rider.

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