About Us

Our Core Values, Mission, and Vision

Since 2019, Uniride’s values have driven the company to become the latest ride-share technology. Our unique business model has made our core values guide a culture that greatly differentiates the way to drive and travel. Uniride brings solidarity to the driver freelancers’ community while committing them to make customers lives pleasant rides.

Mission: We build drivers’ financial security with an innovative business model that integrates solution to the ride-share anticompetitive compensation structure and offers customers the lowest fares, sky-high quality service and safe and secure travel.

Vision: Our vision is to become the priority in the passenger’s transportation network by driver’s unique compensation and technology innovation. A driver’s highest income potential and a customer’s better rides at lowest price ensure the future leadership in the ride-share business.

What we offer:

  • Lowest fares
  • Driver gender preference
  • Top-tier Courtesy service
  • No booking, no hidden fees
  • Newest safety and security features
  • Schedule rides in advance


For many years, the transportation network business has been immersed in an unfair and deceptive structure of compensation against gig workers (freelance drivers). The industry has been struggled with controversy due to drivers’ compensation is not up to fair standards, and as result many independent drivers cannot accomplish financial security; being aware of such anticompetitive practice, our Founder developed a new business model through which drivers obtain the highest income potential and customers benefit with the lowest fares. This vision is manifested itself as:

UNIRIDE ! The Best Way to Ride!